Protecting Songbirds in Style

Pukaskwa National Park

Did you know that over one billion birds die each year in North America as a result of window collisions? Windows are extremely dangerous to birds. To a bird, the window either looks invisible, and appears as a safe passage; or the glass can reflect leaves, greenery, and blue skies, which looks like a great place for a bird to fly!

Many birds also fly into windows at night because they are attracted to interior lighting. Certain birds, like the Canada Warbler, are even more likely (almost 20 times more likely!) to collide with windows. To help, Parks Canada is working on covering our windows with visual markers to prevent bird collisions.

Pukaskwa National Park is asking for YOUR help in designing the window markings that will cover the windows in the Visitor Centre! Click the PDFs below and follow the instructions to see what kind of drawings we are looking for. Submit your drawings to by August 27th to have an opportunity to be included in the final window design. All those who have been chosen will be contacted.

Download the sumbission template.

This PDF will teach you all about the Canada Warbler, why they are a species at risk, and how window markers can help save their lives:

Download Protecting Songbirds in Style

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