Cultural sites

Ukkusiksalik National Park

There are more than 400 documented archaeological sites within park boundaries, including tent rings, food caches, fox traps and an extensive site called Ak&lungiqtautitalik, meaning “place of the rope game.” Named for a large, distinctive stone feature on the south side of the site, archaeologists believe this area might have been used both prehistorically and in relatively recent times.

In 1925, a Hudson’s Bay trading post was set up at the head of Wager Bay above an area of reversing tidal falls, to take advantage of inland trade potential and additional trade routes. It is significant as being the first post run by an Inuk manager. Old buildings remain on-site as relics of this era.

Several of these sites may be visited with a licensed operator. If you wish to visit the old trading post, ask if Parks Canada staff are available to accompany you. Ak&lungiqtautitalik is not open to visitors at present.

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