Boating, hiking and wildlife tours

Ukkusiksalik National Park

Getting to the park by boat with an experienced outfitter is a great Arctic adventure and a wonderful way to experience Wager Bay. It is the safest way to view polar bears and the surest way to see the abundant marine life including seals, beluga whales, walrus, orca, bowhead and occasional narwhal. Kayaking is discouraged because of the extreme polar bear risk.

From Wager Bay, it is possible to do day hikes along the coast and rolling hills inland with an experienced guide or outfitter and Bear Guard. Viewing opportunities abound for both wildlife and countless cultural sites scattered throughout the park. Hike along the Sila River, see the impressive reversing waterfall and visit the remnants of a Hudson’s Bay Company trading post.

Daylight in the summer months will never limit your hiking options, but tide schedules may since the swift currents and long tidal flats influence boat access.

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