Stewardship and management

Sirmilik National Park

Plans and policies

Read Sirmilik National Park’s management plan and annual implementation updates.

Permits and licenses

Permits are required for operating a business in Sirmilik, filming and commercial photography, research, landing an aircraft and more.


Call, email, fax or visit the Sirmilik National Park office in Pond Inlet.

Spread across 22,200 square kilometres (8,571 square miles) of Baffin Island’s northeastern coast, Sirmilik is divided into three sections — Bylot Island, Oliver Sound and Borden Peninsula. It is renowned for its rich array of wildlife, from lemmings and polar bears to whales and more than 70 bird species.

Inuit and Parks Canada manage Sirmilik National Park cooperatively. The Joint Park Management Committee is the cooperative management board for the park. Their role is to advise Parks Canada, the Minister responsible for National Parks, the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board and other agencies on all matters related to park management.

The creation of the Joint Park Management Committee was provided for in the Nunavut Agreement. The Inuit Impact and Benefit Agreement created the Committee, and outlined the details of its structure and governance. Each member of the Joint Park Management Committee has the responsibility to act impartially in the public interest and for the public good.

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