Ndahecho Gondié Gháádé

Nahanni National Park Reserve

In September 2022, the Government of Canada and Nahʔą Dehé Dene Band and Dehcho First Nations signed the Ndahecho Gondié Gháádé. This shared governance arrangement supports social and economic opportunities for Nahʔą Dehé Dene and Dehcho Dene with regard to Nahanni National Park Reserve. This signing builds on 20 years of successful cooperative management, and enhances the relationship in a context of respect and reconciliation.

The Ndahecho Gondié Gháádé (meaning “Following the Words of Our Elders”) Agreement includes a new model for the Nahanni National Park Reserve cooperative management body and additional provisions for economic benefits, a new Indigenous Guardians Program, and employment and training opportunities.

The agreement advances the shared interest of Parks Canada, Nahʔą Dehé Dene Band and Dehcho First Nations to protect the ecological and cultural integrity of the ecosystems found within Nahanni National Park Reserve.

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