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Náįlįcho Construction September 2018

Náįlįcho Construction September 2018

Náįlįcho (Virginia Falls), the centrepiece of Nahanni National Park Reserve is undergoing major enhancement with a federal infrastructure project that includes construction of new docks and an improved portage trail. These substantial changes will result in an improvement to visitor access, visitor safety and visitor experience.

The work will take place over two years, commencing fall of 2018 (September 1 to September 30) and resuming in the spring and fall of 2019.

The first work undertaken will be the South Nahanni River docks above the falls. The two existing docks will be replaced with slightly larger docks and the number of docks will be expanded from two to three.

This September, we will also begin improvements to the portage trail around the falls. Over the years, permafrost upheaval has impacted the current boardwalk. The new boardwalk route will reduce the steepness of grade and will include additional rest spots for visitors on portage. We expect this work to be completed in the fall of 2019.

The facilities at Náįlįcho will remain open to visitors throughout the project. Park employees, in cooperation with our air charter companies and river outfitters, will facilitate visitation through the area during construction.

There may be temporary impacts to visitation while the work is underway. Visitors may experience trail detours, increases in local aircraft traffic, working camps/crews, and noise from power tools. Visitors will be welcome to engage in conversation about the construction and observe firsthand the challenges of construction in northern permafrost terrain.

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