Aulavik National Park

Tundra Wetland
Tundra Wetland
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For visitor safety, it is mandatory to register all trips into Aulavik prior to entering the park and to de-register upon completion of the trip. Failure to do so is an offence under the Canada National Parks Act.

To register your trip:
  • Visit the Parks Canada Office in Inuvik during summer office hours (Monday to Sunday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm). The office is located above the Post Office, at 187 Mackenzie Road.
To de-register your trip:
  • Visit the Parks Office in Inuvik, or phone the office at (867) 777-8800, 24 hours a day, whereby you can leave a message to indicate that your party has successfully completed the trip. If you wish to speak to a Parks Canada staff person, please call during office hours, or contact the duty warden at (867) 678-0705.
In an emergency:
  • Call the Duty Warden at (867) 678-0705. This number is monitored 24 hours a day during June, July and August.
What information will you have to provide?
  • group member information (names and addresses);
  • the name, address and phone number of an emergency contact for each group member;
  • a list of your equipment (brand, number, colour, etc.);
  • the type of activities you will undertake;
  • your detailed itinerary; and
  • a de-registration date (date you plan to leave the park).

During the registration process, park staff will provide you with information on the hazards present in the park, and the risks associated with the activities you plan to undertake. You will also be briefed on route condition, weather, water levels, area closures, park regulations, bear safety and much more. Park staff can point out areas of interest along your proposed route. This information will help make your trip safe and enjoyable.

Your de-registration date is the day that you anticipate contacting the Park Office or the Duty Warden to de-register. It is essential that your planned de-registration date be as accurate as possible. Failing to de-register within 48 hours of this date will initiate a search response by park staff.


An annual Park Use Fee of $148.60 Canadian per person will be applied at the time of registration for multi-day trips. Daily use fee of $24.75 are also available. The annual permit is valid in any National Park or National Park reserve in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.

Entry fees are charged at most national parks. Most of the money raised through admission fees remains in the particular park where it is collected. This means, that every time you visit a park you are investing in its future—and in a legacy for future generations.

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