Accessing the park

Regional Map of Aulavik

Map of Aulavik and Region
Map of Aulavik and Region

Map of Aulavik

Map of Aulavik
Map of Aulavik


Aulavik National Park is located on northern Banks Island, the most westerly island in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Aulavik lies 250 kilometres northeast of the tiny community of Sachs Harbour and 750 kilometres northeast of the town of Inuvik. Aulavik is an isolated wilderness park. There are no facilities, campgrounds, developed trails or road access.

Aircraft access

Twin Otter landing on the tundra
Twin Otter landing on the tundra
© Parks Canada / James McCormick

Chartering an aircraft is presently the most common and practical means of accessing the park. Aircraft charter services are available from Inuvik, on the Northwest Territories mainland, 750 kilometres southwest of the southern park boundary. Inuvik, population 3,450, is the largest community in the region and is serviced by the Dempster Highway and by daily flights from southern Canada.

If your group is small you may be able to share a charter flight with other visitors. Similarly, you can keep travel costs down by dovetailing your flight - flying in when another group is flying out. Park staff may be aware of flight sharing opportunities.

Please note: after being dropped off in the park, visitors are on their own until the plane returns to pick them up. Poor weather can easily prevent the plane from returning on schedule. Be sure to carry extra supplies and plan on at least two extra days in case of a delayed flight.

Aircraft landing permits

Visitors must apply for a free Parks Canada Aircraft Landing Permit when registering for a trip. Aircraft charter companies will ask for your landing permit before leaving. No aircraft is permitted to land in Aulavik without one.

Note: Aircraft charter companies must also have a current National Parks Business License to land in Aulavik National Park.

Fixed-wing aircraft companies

Aklak Air
Box 1190
Inuvik, Northwest Territories
X0E 0T0
Tel: (867) 777-3555/3777
Fax: (867) 777-3388

Helicopter companies

Gwich'in Helicopters Ltd.

Box 3100
Inuvik, Northwest Territories
X0E 0T0
Tel: (867) 678-2270
Fax: (867) 678-2271
Cell: (867) 678-0270


Horizon Helicopters
20 Electra Crecent
Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 0M7
Tel: (867) 633-6044
Fax: (867) 633-6045

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