Overlooking the Thomsen River
Overlooking the Thomsen River
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Although there are no designated routes or trails within Aulavik National Park, the terrain is gentle enough that hiking is possible practically anywhere. The prime hiking season is from late June until mid August. During this period the weather is at its warmest, the wildflowers are blooming and there is continuous daylight.

A highlight of any trip to the park is the wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities, especially along the Thomsen River corridor. Here you will come across a variety of arctic species and encounter the highest concentration of muskoxen in the world. Hikers can also visit archaeological sites that reflect the regions fascinating history.

Your intended hiking route should be thoroughly investigated using topographic maps. You must supply a detailed description of your planned route on 1:50,000 scale before your departure to the park. Contact the Park Office in Inuvik for route suggestions and more information.

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