There are no designated campsites in the park. You may camp anywhere you like, except at archaeological sites. Whether hiking or paddling, there are an endless number of beautiful sites to choose from.

In order to protect this pristine wilderness, please practice No Trace Camping. All garbage must be packed out with you. Consult with the Park Office in Inuvik for additional advice on low-impact camping techniques.

The winds can be very strong and prolonged in Aulavik National Park. A good quality tent, able to withstand fierce winds, is crucial for a comfortable visit.


Campfires are not allowed in Aulavik. Use a camp stove and bottled fuel for cooking.

Scheduled aircraft do not allow passengers to carry fuel. Most types of camping fuel may be purchased in Inuvik, and some are available in Sachs Harbour. If you require specialty fuels you should check in advance with local suppliers.

Managing human waste

Managing solid human waste in an arctic tundra environment presents some unique difficulties. It is human nature to conduct toilet functions in privacy, and in a treeless landscape such as Aulavik National Park this often means finding a small drainage. However, by using a drainage you may affect water quality downstream.

Instead, select a level site well away from any water sources. Dig a small hole within the active layer of the soil. If possible, choose an organic area and afterwards burn the toilet paper before carefully burying what remains. If your group is large, it may be best to choose a communal location as opposed to many scattered sites.

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