Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Plan your special day in one of Canada's special places.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park offers a stunning setting for wedding ceremonies where the mountains meet the sea. Whether you are looking for a breathtaking ceremony overlooking an ocean panorama, or an intimate wedding at the foot of a waterfall or under a canopy of old-growth forest, the park has a place for you to create lasting memories. Our beaches and fall colours provide brilliant backdrops to capture your perfect day in photos. You may choose to have a carefree gathering at one of our picnic areas or a more formal reception at a private facility in one of the neighbouring communities. Let us help you plan this special day.

What is required?

While permission is required to hold a wedding in the national park, the process is fairly easy. Just email us to set up a call with a Visitor Experience representative to discuss the possibilities. We can give you advice about the best places and practices based on the experiences of previous couples. A short agreement will be sent to you to sign.

Small, simple ceremonies in existing visitor areas work best.

A Nova Scotia marriage license must be obtained for two people to marry in the province. Please visit Access Nova Scotia for details.


Locations that others have used:

  • Ingonish Beach is a sand and cobblestone beach just off the Cabot Trail that offers romantic ocean views, a large picnic area and modern washrooms (supervised area is not available in July and August).
  • Trout Brook overlooks the rugged western coastline and is a gem overlooked by many travellers. The small picnic shelter with a wood stove adds to the rustic charm of an intimate gathering.
  • MacIntosh Brook weaves through and old-growth maple forest and features a large modern shelter and washrooms at the day use area.
  • A hike along the Skyline Trail brings you to a boardwalk high on a headland cliff overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Be sure to leave room on your guest list for eagles, whales and moose.
  • The Lone Shieling offers a unique place to tie the knot at this replica of a Scottish crofter's hut under a canopy of 350-year-old maples.
  • Beulach Ban Falls provides a tranquil forest setting to exchange your vows accompanied by the enchanting sight and sound of the park's highest waterfall.
  • Green Cove, with its lacework of pink granite, offers a solid foundation upon which to begin your life together. Gannets, seals and the crash of waves add a singular touch to this special day.
Lone Shieling wedding People have been doing it at the Lone Shieling for years!

Special considerations

  • The national park is a special protected area and the ceremony should be organized in such a manner as to minimize impacts on the environment and other visitors.
  • You will need a back-up plan in case of inclement weather.
  • While crowds are never an issue at the park, other visitors may be present.
  • The park is subject to Nova Scotia liquor legislation and as such, alcohol consumption is not permitted in day use areas.


There is a grounds rental fee of $208.50 for small, simple gatherings.  In addition, guests need their park pass.


We suggest contacting one of the lodges or hotels in the area, several of which specialize in wedding receptions.

Already hitched?

Consider celebrating your anniversary or renewing your vows in this beautiful, natural setting.

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