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Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Red Chair Challenge

Red chair challenge

Ten red chairs. Ten breathtaking locations. You.

Don't just do something...sit there!

This challenge is an invitation to savour the views of our absolute favourite places in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Go and find them!

Share your experience by posting photos of the red chairs you find and tagging our Facebook Page – but don't reveal the location!


10-trails-in-one-day challenge

10 Hikes in One Day
10 hikes in one day challenge

Sample ten short trails in one day, exploring a variety of habitats – Acadian, Boreal and Taiga - to earn a souvenir magnet. Easily done at a leisurely pace if you walk regularly. Bring in a signed list or photo documentation (a photo of you on each trail) to either park visitor centre.

Suggested trails:
1. Le Buttereau
2. Bog
3. Benjie's Lake
4. MacIntosh Brook
5. Lone Shieling
6. Jigging Cove
7. Jack Pine
8. Green Cove
9. Freshwater Lake
10. Freshwater Lake Look-Off

A hearty Highlands challenge

Conquer the Highlands
A hearty Highlands challenge

Earn the park's topographic map and major bragging rights for a year by hiking Cape Breton Highlands National Park's 26 trails! This is your chance to get up close and personal with the complex habitat of northern Cape Breton. Bring a signed list with trail names or photo documentation (a photo of you on each trail) and dates hiked to either park visitor centre.

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