Blue felt lichen

Terra Nova National Park

Scientific Name: Degelia plumbea

Conservation Status: Species of special concern


The Blue Felt Lichen is a leafy lichen that generally lives on old- growth yellow birch, but has been found on mature trembling aspen and is occasionally found on white spruce trees. It is blue- gray in colour, with red- brown to black apothecia.


Moose browsing presents a threat to the Blue Felt Lichen as it decreases the number of available mature birch and trembling aspen. In addition, pollution is a threat to this sensitive species.


Blue Lichen thalli were successfully located in Terra Nova National Park in October, 2010. During additional surveys, more specimens were found at five more locations, all observed on trembling aspen trees. Recently, best practices have been established to provide further protection for lichens in the park.

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