Species at risk

Terra Nova National Park

A species that is in danger of extinction (no longer exists) or extirpation (no longer exists in its original range, but exists elsewhere) is referred to as a species at risk.

The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) evaluates and recommends to the government which species in Canada are at risk. There are three designations used by COSEWIC to describe the level of severity of a species’ status.

Special Concern: A wildlife species that may become threatened or endangered because of a combination of biological characteristics and identified threats.

Threatened: A wildlife species that is likely to become endangered if nothing is done to reverse the factors leading to its extirpation or extinction.

Endangered: A wildlife species facing imminent extirpation or extinction. 

Species loss that occurs around the world today is largely human caused through:
  • loss of habitat
  • invasive and introduced species
  • global warming
  • ozone depletion
  • air pollution

Working with partners, Parks Canada’s goal is to maintain and improve the status of species at risk in all National Parks, National Historic Sites and National Marine Conservation Areas. At risk species are taken into consideration prior to approving any park activities or management actions. In Terra Nova National Park, populations of species at risk, their residences and their habitat are protected by existing regulations, including the federal Species at Risk Act (SARA).  


Newfoundland marten

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Little brown bat

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Red crossbill

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Boreal felt lichen

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Blue felt lichen

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Species at Risk in Terra Nova National Park

In Terra Nova National Park we have nine species at risk that are monitored closely.

  • Newfoundland marten
  • Little brown bat
  • Red crossbill
  • Boreal felt lichen
  • Blue felt lichen
  • Northern long-eared bat
  • Olive sided flycatcher
  • Rusty blackbird
  • Short eared owl

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