Whitewater German Prisoner of War Camp

Riding Mountain National Park


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on march 13 1944 max Neugebauer got hit by a tree while cutting wood in the Riding Mountain National Park as part of

his duties as a prisoner of war he was " brought to Dauphin where he died in the " General Hospital and on March 18 1944

this is where max was laid to rest in September of 1970 max nuga borrower's body was exhumed and moved to Kitchener " Ontario where all of the German " prisoners of war that died in World War two are all buried there they had to find a church that would that would bury "him and several of the local churches I " do believe refused to bury him however at the Roman Catholic Church he was buried at the Roman Catholic Church let's say you were a local driving by this street and and the funeral procession is coming out of the church and of course there's the flag the Nazi

flag draped over the casket I think would have been quite an interesting reaction I suppose we were the proud man of the Africa goal we came to this land we were prisoners taken to Cairo and harder seekers we boarded a ship Madagascar no cigarettes no whiskey not even bad jokes we prayed for no tomatoes from the German u-boats Mombasa to Durban rosada see You You


Documentary by: Christopher Paetkau

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Whitewater German Prisoner of War Camp by Christopher Paetkau. Riding Mountain Field Unit. As part of the celebrations to mark the 125th anniversary of national parks in Canada, 32 student video reporters worked in the 32 Parks Canada field units across the country. Students were tasked with producing a series of video reports on their experiences in our national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas.

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