Canoeing & Kayaking

Riding Mountain National Park

Experience a different view of the park by paddling the shores of our lakes by canoe or kayak. Due to intermittent water supply, canoeing is generally restricted to the lakes of Riding Mountain. During spring runoff or following heavy rain falls, the Whirlpool River and Jackfish Creek may also be navigable.


Mandatory watercraft inspections for aquatic invasive species (AIS)

MANDATORY INSPECTIONS are required for all watercraft and/or water related equipment including, but not limited to: scuba diving gear, fishing gear, inflatables, life jackets, beach toys, etc…. before entering RMNP waters. This includes Clear Lake, South Lake, and all outlying lakes (Deep Lake, Moon Lake, Whirlpool Lake, Lake Katherine, Lake Audy & Grayling Lake) as well as all streams and rivers. The service is free of charge and watercrafts that pass the inspection will receive a permit from Parks Canada. Compliant watercraft that fail inspection may require a decontamination, which will be conducted by trained staff. The length of the decontamination depends on the watercraft and is free of charge. Non-compliant watercraft will be denied entry into RMNP waters. Inspection schedule

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