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Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

The Arctic, Pacific, Atlantic, prairie, tundra, rainforest, mountains, lakes, rivers.... No other country on earth has the same diversity of landscape and seascape that Canada has. It is vast, it is varied, it is awe-inspiring, and it shapes the people that call it home. Celebrating the stories and protecting the heritage of Canada for present, and future generations, is Parks Canada's privilege.

Our country's heritage can not be protected in just one or two special places. An entire network of carefully chosen areas representative of the country's cultural and natural history is required to capture a sense of Canada. This is why Parks Canada has created a system of National Parks, National Historic Sites and National Marine Conservation Areas.

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Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Canada represents the coastal lowland forests of the Pacific Coast Mountain region, and the near shore waters of the Vancouver Island's shelf marine region.

Imagine sand between your toes, eagles soaring overhead, ferns, and cushions of moss hanging from the branches of towering Sitka spruce, and the ocean stretching off as far as the eye can see. Do you begin to sense the value of this place? This national park is one of Canada's treasures, a treasure worth preserving.

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Conservation and restoration

Parks Canada is committed to maintaining the ecological integrity of Canada’s protected areas, as well as repairing damaged ecosystems for the benefit of future generations. Pacific Rim National Park Reserve has been actively involved in restoring two such fragile ecosystems, salmon streams and sand dunes.

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By removing invasive beachgrass species, Parks Canada is protecting the sensitive native plants that rely on the sand dune ecosystem.

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