Weasel family

Kootenay National Park

Weasels have elongated bodies, short legs, and glands that produce a strong-smelling scent. Among the many weasels found in the park, the largest is the Wolverine. The smaller Pine Martens are more common than the other weasels, and are abundant throughout the forested areas of the park. Other members of the weasel family found in Kootenay National Park include ermines, long-tailed weasels, short-tailed weasels, badgers, fishers and skunks.

Wolverine | American Badger


Wolverine perched on a branch

Wolverines look a little bit like small bears with a bushy tails and are rarely seen in the park. If you spot one, consider yourself lucky. Most of our park staff have never laid eyes on this elusive animal. Wolverines cover an incredible amount of territory looking for food. They are not picky eaters. Their Latin name, “gulo”, means glutton.

American Badger

two badgers in a field at the entrance to their burrow

Badgers are low-slung animals with short powerful legs. They like grasslands and open habitats. In Kootenay, they are found at the dry south end of the park where open Douglas fir forests intermingle with grassy slopes. This area provides key habitat for badgers and other rare grassland species.

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