Kootenay National Park

The United Nations created the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site partly because of the incredible diversity of animals found here. When visiting the park, please remember that you are visiting the animals' home. Their continued health and survival relies on us making as little impact on their habitat as possible.

Mammals | Birds

To help Parks Canada maintain healthy populations of animals in Kootenay National Park, please:
  • Do not approach wildlife - stay 30m (3 bus lengths) away from elk and 100m (10 bus lengths) away from bears
  • Do not feed wildlife, this is unlawful in a national park and is addictive
  • Remain in your vehicle when viewing wildlife from the road (use a telephoto lens to get that 'perfect' picture) and quickly continue on your way
  • Keep your campsite clean by keeping all attractants in your vehicle - coolers are not bear proof and even dishwater and dog food will attract an animal
  • Stay on designated trails - unofficial trails are often used by wildlife
Safe Viewing


There are 57 species of mammals in Kootenay National park. They range in size from the 3 gram pigmy shrew to the 450 kilogram moose:


There are at least 180 species of birds in Kootenay National Park. We can learn a lot about the overall health of the park from these birds. In particular we are keeping a very close eye on these threatened bird species:

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