Bears in the mountain national parks

Bears and people have shared this land for thousands of years. Our challenge today is to live in harmony with these wilderness icons so they can continue to make a living here long into the future. Enter the world of bears in the four contiguous mountain national parks of Banff, Jasper, Yoho and Kootenay; and Waterton Lakes National Park.

Bear basics

Grizzly bears and black bears—two distinct bear species in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, yet sometimes tricky to tell apart—especially at a quick glance.

Bear safety

Although the chances of having an encounter with an aggressive bear are low, proper planning before you head out can help reduce your risk.


Grizzly bears are an enduring symbol of the wilderness of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. This wide-ranging species is broadly accepted as an indicator of...

Management in Action

Parks Canada works with partners from around the world to be leaders in bear management, to protect both bears and people in the mountain parks.

Bear updates

These web pages give an overview of grizzly bear and black bear management, conservation, ecology and research in the Rocky Mountain National Parks.

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