Powerboating and Sailing

Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, and Haida Heritage Site

Gwaii Haanas welcomes boaters!

Come and explore a place known for its more than 200 islands and awe-inspiring Haida village sites.

Check out our Trip Planner (PDF 8.0 MB).

Call the Gwaii Haanas office (1-877-559-8818) for information on how to obtain your visitor trip permit

Incredible Diversity

Powerboating and sailing are the most popular ways to travel in Gwaii Haanas and they offer an incredible opportunity to experience the interconnections between land and sea.

The waters around Gwaii Haanas teem with life - whales, porpoises, salmon, halibut, rockfish, mussels, crab, starfish, seabirds and much more. Travelling via your own boat or on a guided trip allows for intimate exploration of secluded coves and open seas.

Big Tides, Big Weather

Study the tides, currents and weather to ensure you are aware of the potential hazards of travelling in Gwaii Haanas.

Preserve and Protect

Although boats tend to produce only small amounts of pollution, waste concentrates in especially sensitive areas and accumulates, harming marine organisms. Every boater that travels in Gwaii Haanas has a responsibility to the marine environment and should review these Green Boating practices.


Facilities are minimal in Gwaii Haanas and there is no fuel available. Boaters should be self-sufficient.

Anchoring Policy

All vessels are requested to move after a maximum of three nights in any one bay, cove, or inlet, weather permitting.

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