Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, and Haida Heritage Site

Premiere destination

Gwaii Haanas is one of the premiere sea kayaking destinations in the world - a place to discover over 800 islands and islets; experience ancient Haida villages; soak in the natural thermal pools at Hotspring Island; float through the diverse marine life in Burnaby Narrows, and encounter some of the 20 species of whales and dolphins seen in these waters.

East or West?

The east side provides sheltered routes with its range of islands, islets and inlets. It offers more route options during changing weather conditions. Be aware that exposed crossings and hazardous stretches of coastline and headlands exist, especially when aiming for places such as Hlk'yah GaawGa (Windy Bay) and Gandll K'in Gwaayaay (Hotspring Island).

The west coast of Gwaii Haanas is steep and rocky. Pounding surf and lengthy stretches of cliffs make landing very difficult, if not impossible. It is for experienced kayakers only.

Ensure you have the skills necessary for your Gwaii Haanas adventure, whether you travel independently or with a tour operator.

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