The management planning cycle

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

Typically, the cycle of management planning for a national park includes a State of the Park Report, a Management Plan and 10-Year Management Plan Updates. For Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, Interim Management Guidelines and five Area Plans, were developed as initial steps in the planning cycle, allowing Parks Canada to address immediate issues while gathering data to assess the state of the park.

Interim Management Guidelines

Interim Management Guidelines (IMGs) were developed through a two-year public process between 2004 and 2006. The approved IMGs guide park management until the first management plan is approved. Contact us for a copy of the IMGs.

State of the Park Report

The first State of the Park Report (SOPR) was prepared based on data collected between 2003 and 2008. The SOPR summarizes the state of ecological integrity, cultural resource management, visitor experience, as well as First Nations, stakeholder and partner relations. It establishes key issues that should be addressed through a management plan. Contact us for a copy of the SOPR.

Park Management Plan

A management plan provides a vision, long-term (15-year) strategic direction for the park, park zoning, and five-year priority actions. The management plan will replace the IMGs and guide Parks Canada’s decisions and actions in protecting, presenting and operating the park.

Management Plan Review/Update

Every ten years, a review of key sections of the management plan, particularly the targets and actions, is undertaken to determine what changes are needed to direct management effort for the next ten years. Public consultation is conducted with each review.

Area Plans

Area Plans provide site-specific direction to improve ecological integrity, cultural resource management and visitor experience at key locations where overlapping issues exist. They take a holistic approach—identifying the existing situation, protection and restoration needs, and the capacity of a site to provide visitor opportunities. Through the process, various options are assessed and recommended actions are proposed to improve the current situation.

Between 2006 and 2010, public processes were undertaken to develop five Area Plans.

  • Winter Cove Area Plan (Saturna Island)
  • Narvaez Bay Area Plan (Saturna Island)
  • Sidney Spit Area Plan (Sidney Island)
  • Portland Island (Princess Margaret) Area Plan
  • Roesland Area Plan (North Pender Island)

The area plan recommendations are being implemented as available resources permit.

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