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Waterton Lakes National Park

Popular locations in Waterton Lakes

The following places are some of the most well-known locations in Waterton Lakes. While these are must-visit highlights, it’s important to remember that they may be busy during peak hours. If you plan on visiting these locations in summer, expect them to be busy. For a quieter experience, try visiting earlier or later in the day or outside of July and August.

There is plenty to explore in Waterton Lakes in addition to these highlights. Check out our seasonal Top 10s or explore quieter destinations for even more ideas.

On the parkways

Some of Waterton’s most iconic and popular places can be found on the Akamina and Red Rock parkways. These roads are two of several scenic drives in the park. Both parkways are accessible from the Entrance Road (check the map page out to see where). These narrow, winding mountain roads have 50 km/h speed limits for a reason, no matter the season! Please drive with care.

Red Rock Canyon Day Use Area

Red Rock Canyon is located at the end of the scenic Red Rock Parkway. In the canyon itself, you’ll experience breathtaking red and green argillite rock formations shaped by water. This area’s vibrant plant life and grand mountains make it a photographer's paradise and an ideal picnic spot. The day use area also grants access to the park’s trail network, with options for all abilities. Visit from early May to October 31 when Red Rock Parkway is open. This is one of the park’s busiest locations during peak seasons, so be sure to plan your visit accordingly. If parking is full, plan on coming back later in the day. Do not park outside of designated stalls.

Cameron Lake Day Use Area

Cameron Lake is located at the end of Akamina Parkway. It’s a popular place to view wildlife, go paddling, cool off in the water or simply take in the stunning mountain views. A 1.6-kilometre (one way) lakeside trail invites exploration, while boat rentals and ample picnic facilities provide family fun.

Akamina Parkway is open year-round. This parkway takes you deep into the Akamina valley and provides access to many hiking trails. While very scenic, it can also be a challenging drive. Be sure to obey all speed limits for your own safety, and for that of wildlife. In winter, Akamina Parkway is open to Little Prairie Day Use Area. The remaining three kilometres to Cameron Lake make for a great cross-country ski or snowshoe trip. Reminder: Wildlife viewing is a privilege that comes with a responsibility to treat animals with respect!

In and around Waterton village

There is plenty to do in Waterton village. Watch a film at the local theatre or explore art galleries, book nooks and jewelry stores for unique finds. You'll find a many great places to eat too, from laid-back joints to fine dining spots. Embrace the outdoors on a bicycle adventure, whether propelled by your own foot power, the hum of an electric bike or the nostalgic charm of a surrey bike. Waterton village is also located on the shores of Upper Waterton Lake. Explore kilometres of beachfront on your own, or even hop on a tour boat and explore the lake from a unique vantage point. More information on community activities can be found here.

Reminder: The Waterton village is very walkable! You can park almost anywhere and get where you want to go in minutes. If you can’t find a parking spot near businesses or the marina, don’t fret. You’re bound to find one a few blocks away. For more information on local businesses, visit mywaterton.ca.

Cameron Falls


Cameron Falls is an iconic attraction in the Waterton village. Cameron Falls is mere steps away from parking, making it one of the most accessible falls in the Canadian Rockies. Stand on the adjacent footbridge to feel the mist on your face in spring and summer, or admire the beauty of the frozen falls in winter. Trails on either side of the falls lead up to some impressive viewpoints of the area and of Cameron Creek above.

International Peace Park Plaza

Waterton Lake and Glacier National Park (Montana) formed the world’s first International Peace Park in 1932. Waterton townsite’s Peace Park Pavilion first opened on June 18, 1982, and in 2015, the Peace Park Plaza was revitalized. Visitors can now enjoy a walk along the marina’s seawall, take in picturesque views of the Prince of Wales Hotel and Upper Waterton lake, or walk alongside a cougar or an elk... well, their tracks, anyway!

Waterton Lakes Visitor Centre

Enhance your Waterton Lakes National Park experience with a trip to the visitor centre. This facility officially opened in July 2023 and is the place to get the most current information to ensure you have a wonderful experience in Waterton Lakes. Stick around for a summer interpretive program or explore the exhibits, which were co-developed with local Blackfoot nations. Experience their songs and stories as you learn more about the park’s fascinating ecosystems and wildlife. Open year-round, the visitor centre provides maps, permits, up-to-date info, and more. Ample parking, including RV spots, is available.

Prince of Wales Hotel National Historic Site

Erected in 1926-27 during one of Waterton’s harshest winters, the Prince of Wales Hotel stands atop a stunning bluff overlooking Waterton Lake. The hotel gained National Historic Site recognition in February 1993. Visit for an iconic Waterton view, but mind the wind! Ghost tales might also whisper in the air if you listen closely.

Townsite Campground

This popular campground is located at the south end of Waterton village on Windflower Avenue. This sunny, open campground offers 246 sites (109 of which are fully serviced pull-throughs, and 76 back-in electrical). The Townsite Campground is an excellent place for RVs or for those who wish to be within walking distance of Upper Waterton Lake, Cameron Falls and townsite amenities. The campground is in high demand July and August and on long weekends. Reservations are recommended.

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