Scuba diving

Waterton Lakes National Park

You must complete a mandatory self-inspection of your scuba gear.

Most scuba divers choose to dive in the Emerald Bay portion of Upper Waterton Lake. Cameron Bay is another good spot for divers.

An old paddle wheeler, the "Gertrude", built in the early 1900's, lies on the bottom of Emerald Bay at a depth of 20 metres. The best visibility is often in early spring or during the fall. Please do not use the Gertrude as a rest spot and remember it is illegal to remove anything you may find on your dive.

The Emerald Bay picnic area is a popular and often crowded place. For safety reasons, and as a courtesy to other users of this site, scuba divers are requested not to use generators and air compressors at the picnic site but to refill tanks at the upper parking lot of the Parks Canada compound.

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