Marmot Learning Centre

Jasper National Park

Located at Jasper’s famous Marmot Basin Ski Area, the Marmot Learning Centre is the hub for on-mountain educational sessions. School groups can attend a session on topics related to wildlife, leadership and winter travel. This is a partnership between Marmot Basin, Parks Canada and the Grande Yellowhead Public School Division. All sessions are linked to Alberta and BC school curriculum.

Active learning sessions

Get your students connected with the outdoors! The following 45 minute sessions are delivered by Parks Canada.


What causes an avalanche? How do I stay safe at the ski hill? Why do people get caught?

Learn the basics of avalanche awareness and stay safe in the mountains. Find out what resources are available to make the best possible decisions and what equipment is essential for companion rescue.

Winter work

Love the idea of working in the mountains in the winter but don’t know what’s available?

Listen to the stories of the people who have worked at Marmot and how they made it happen.

Investigate winter career pathways and participate in an activity related to your own future path.

Emergency situations

Even the best laid plans can go sideways. Identify the hazards involved in winter travel and find out how to manage the risks and help yourself and others if things go wrong. Find out which 10 essentials items you should have with you and learn the crucial steps to take for survival.

Into the Wild

Marmot Basin is home to skiers, snowboarders and…woodland caribou??? Understand the challenges of sharing this mountain landscape with wildlife. Find out how we protect species at risk in the hardy but sensitive alpine eco-zone.

Find it outside

Tune into nature, tune out stress, and enjoy the benefits of vitamin N! How can spending time outside make you a resilient, healthy, and happy human being? Discover how strategies like adventuring, mindfulness, and storytelling can help you kick the blues and up your mood.

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