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Elk Island National Park

Management Planning

The Elk Island National Park Management Plan was tabled in Parliament in December 2023. Read the plan and the summary of consultation here:

What is a management plan?

A management plan is a public document that identifies the park management priorities over the next ten years. The plan sets out a long-term vision and sets objectives for achieving the vision.

The management plan includes topics such as: protecting natural and cultural resources, ensuring Indigenous participation in park management, facilitating visitor experiences and working with park neighbours.


Consultation with Indigenous peoples and the Canadian public is a requirement in the development of National Park management plans. The perspectives of Canadians can help make the plan stronger and more relevant.

Thank you for your participation!

Public consultation on the Elk Island National Park Draft Management Plan concluded in March 2023. Thank you to everyone who shared their views and contributed to the vision that will guide the park’s future management. The feedback gathered through meeting with Indigenous partners and park stakeholders, the public’s participation in the online survey, the Facebook Live open house event and outreach booths in the Edmonton area, along with the many emails, letters, social media comments and phone calls were all invaluable in shaping the final plan.

Consultation with Indigenous partners, stakeholders and the public are a priority at Parks Canada and are part of the Agency's management plan renewal process.

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