Who’s Hibernating? Snowshoe Hike

Elk Island National Park

Prepare to be immersed in the world of winter! This sensory-based program explores the wonders of winter through plant and animal adaptations. Topics covered directly link with aspects of the Grade 1, 2, and 3 learning curricula: broad topics being senses, seasonal changes, and plant and animal adaptations.

Learning Objectives
  • Students will be able to understand what an adaptation is and provide examples of animals in the winter with adaptations for the cold weather.
  • Students will learn how to engage their senses to enjoy the various seasons of the year
  • Students will learn how to snowshoe
  • Students will be able to identify various signs of wildlife during the winter (e.g. tracks, scat, habitats, food, etc.)
Curriculum Links
  • Grade 1: senses, seasonal changes, needs of plants and animals
  • Grade 2: hot and cold temperature, small crawling and flying animals
  • Grade 3: hearing and sound, animal life cycles
  • Animal adaptations to cold weather
Teacher information
  • To book: Email interp.elkisland@pc.gc.ca
  • Cost: See prices
  • Capacity: Two groups maximum per day; 30 students per group
  • Offered: Monday to Friday, each program is 2 hours. Generally, between 9 am to 3 pm (can be adjusted slightly if needed)
  • Language: Available in English or French
  • Please ensure that all schools have a fair chance to participate in our programs: give us at least two weeks' notice of any cancellations, so that we may offer the time slot to another class.
  • Supervisor to student ratios:
    • A minimum of 1 supervisor for every 5 elementary students is required
How the program works
  • Meet your interpreter at the Astotin Lake day-use area approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled program time.
  • Upon arrival, the guide will gear up each student with snowshoes and demonstrate how to walk in them.
  • Your classes will take part in a guided snowshoe hike with many educational and fun stops along the way (total distance of the hike is approximately 1.5 km)
    • A Sense of Winter: a winter scavenger hunt that engages all 5 senses
    • Hibernation Station: learn about animals that hibernate and build-a-bear habitat
    • Snow Birds: a matching game where students learn about birds that store their seeds in the summer and fall and are able to re-find them come winter
    • Let It Grow: learn about plant adaptations to cold weather
    • Life Under the Ice: delve into the underwater world and learn about what some of the underwater critters do to survive the winter

This program is a total of 2 hours in duration.

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