Aquatics restoration

Banff National Park

Most of the lakes in the mountain national parks were fishless before 1900. In a survey of 1,464 lakes in Banff, Jasper, Yoho, Waterton, Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks, it was found that over 95% of the lakes did not contain fish until they were stocked in the 20th century. Past fisheries management programs in Banff National Park were directed at providing good fishing. To achieve this goal, massive introductions of cultured fish were made to virtually all of the park's accessible lakes and streams.

Introducing fish to previously fishless lakes has also altered the community structure of those systems. Since the early 1900s, nearly forty million fish have been introduced into the Bow watershed of Banff National Park. Stocking in Banff National Park stopped in 1988. The actions of the past cannot be undone, but we can learn from them. Non-native fish are no longer being stocked into park waters.

Learn how Parks Canada is restoring and protecting native aquatics species in Banff National Park:


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