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Banff National Park

Banff National Park is part of a system of national parks created with the goal of protecting representative examples of the natural diversity of Canada!

In our system plan, we recognize 39 natural land regions based on landscape, geography, climate and what lives there. Parks Canada works to ensure that the cultural and ecological integrity of these places is managed, maintained and restored so that future generations can also experience, understand and enjoy them.


To ensure this beautiful place remains healthy and intact for future generations, Parks Canada works to protect and restore the park’s ecological health:


Banff National Park is a special place, and home to an abundance of wildlife! This incredible diversity of wildlife is a reflection of the wide range of habitats found in the park due to variations in elevation, climate, and plant communities. Banff National Park is home to such wildlife as:


Banff national park is home to many unique plant species from trees to wildflowers! Explore the national parks plants:


Come discover this natural environment for yourself – you’ll see why it was so critical to protect it and why this territory warranted being designated a national park:

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