Stewardship and management

Banff National Park

Canada’s first national park encompasses more than 6,000 square kilometres of mountain wilderness and is part of the larger Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site. Banff National Park is home to imposing 3000-metre peaks, alpine meadows rich with colourful wildflowers, brilliant blue glacier-fed lakes and the town of Banff and village of Lake Louise.


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Stakeholder hub

Stay in the know with Parks Canada. Banff National Park implements a spectrum of engagement activities to inform local and regional stakeholders of...

Realty services

Learn more and contact Banff Reality Services.

Permits and licences

Learn what permits and licenses you need for things like photography, living in Banff and special events in the park.

Park management planning

Information about planning and management activities in Banff National Park

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Phone numbers for emergency situations, to report wildlife sightings and trip planning information.

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