Climate change and protected areas

Parks Canada manages a network of protected areas. Healthy ecosystems offer natural solutions to climate change. We monitor changes in the environment. We make decisions for a climate-smart future.

Birds and climate change: can they stay or will they go?
By 2050, one in four birds in Parks Canada places may need to find new homes as a result of increased greenhouse gas emissions.
Mapping the carbon landscape
Parks Canada’s Carbon Atlas will help us better understand the role of our protected areas in capturing and releasing carbon.
T-shirt wisdom on climate change
Ten wearable tips on what you can do about climate change.
"Blue Carbon"on the West Coast
Parks Canada is studying the capacity of eelgrass and salt marshes to absorb carbon.
British Columbia
Eight things you should know about natural solutions to climate change
Eight ways our protected areas serve as natural solutions to climate change.
Ice: a journey into the wintry heart of our national parks
Explore ice in all its majesty and fragility.

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Ice patch archaeology

Discoveries from the upper reaches of climate change in Alberta.

Adapting to climate change: Forillon National Park

Forillon National Park is tackling coastal erosion that has been aggravated by climate change.

The secret life of Canada’s northernmost lake

Dr. Warwick Vincent’s research on “biofilms” shows the extent of climate change in the Arctic.

A map of the changing North

How will climate change affect northern parks?

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