Log Cabin Mountain

Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site

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Log Cabin Mtn Avalanche Terrain
Log Cabin Mountain Avalanche Terrain

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Avalanche Terrain

Be aware that if you are heading up Log Cabin Mountain you will be travelling through avalanche terrain. Areas of particular concern:

  • Isolated pockets at and above tree line can produce avalanches.
  • On the South aspect avalanche paths run down to the South Klondike Highway.
  • On the Northwest aspect two large avalanche paths run down into the meadows below.

Know Before You Go

  • Does your group have the skills, knowledge and training to travel in avalanche terrain? 
  • Are you carrying transceivers, shovels and probes? 
  • Can you self-rescue? Do you have a plan? 
  • Do you know the emergency number? 
  • Have you checked current conditions and weather forecasts?  
  • Have you checked out with someone? 
  • Do you have any other route options?


There is no cell phone coverage in Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site. Satellite phone coverage can be adversely affected by vegetation and topography in some locations. The closest telephone is at Canada Customs at Fraser on the South Klondike Highway (6.5 km/4 miles south of Log Cabin parking lot).

  Emergency Numbers

  Parks Canada 24 hr. Dispatch
    1-877-852-3100, or
    1-780-852-3100 (satellite phone)  

  Carcross RCMP 

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