Culture and history

Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site

Chilkoot Trail National Historic site protects the historic gateway to the Yukon once trod by Tlingit traders and Klondike Gold Rush stampeders. Today, the Chilkoot Trail is a 53 km / 33 mile hike through history and is one of North America's most fabled treks.


The Chilkoot Trail served as a trade and travel route to the interior for the coastal Tlingit and interior Athapaskan First Nations for centuries, but it was the Klondike Gold Rush of 1896–1899 that transformed the Chilkoot Trail into legend.

Cultural landscape

Amidst this rugged northern wilderness an overlay of artefacts and heritage landscape features tell of the story of the Klondike Gold Rush giving a unique historic flavour to the legendary Chilkoot Trail.

Special programs

The Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency is a creative journey through Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park, Alaska, and Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site, British Columbia.

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