Bennett day use shelter artwork

Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site

Bennett is located at the northern end of the Chilkoot Trail in the traditional territory of the Carcross Tagish First Nation. The front of the day use shelter in the Bennett Campground is adorned with a painting by Master Carver Keith Wolfe-Smarch and his apprentices, depicting Wolf (Gooch in the Tlingit language) on the left, and Raven (Yéil in Tlingit) on the right, a frog and a woman with outstretched arms.

Bennett shelter

The wolf and the raven (or crow) are the emblems representing the two moieties that serve to organize the traditional social structure of the Tagish and Inland Tlingit people of Carcross. Children take after their mother’s clan and moiety. These two halves compliment one another and nurture strength and reciprocity in the community.

The frog is the primary crest of the Ishkahittaan clan, and is painted here to represent Edna Helm (who belongs to the Ishkahittaan clan) and her family who have a deep connection with the land in and around the Bennett area and have been living, hunting and trapping there for generations.

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