Planning ahead

Fort Walsh National Historic Site

Planning ahead and being prepared are to key to having a safe and enjoyable trip!

Upon arriving at the site, please park in the parking lot and proceed to the Visitor Centre.

If travelling the Gap road between the Centre Block of the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park and Fort Walsh, or the road between Elkwater in the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park (Alberta side) and Fort Walsh, please note there is very limited cell service along that route and conditions change depending on the weather.

Before travelling to the site, we recommend packing snacks and drinks, or even a picnic lunch. Please call ahead to inquire about the food service offer at the site.

Once at the site, there is limited cell service.

There is no fuel service available at Fort Walsh. The nearest gas stations are in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan or Elkwater, Alberta. Please fill up prior to heading out to the site.

Fort Walsh is located in the scenic Cypress Hills, which makes for some breathtaking views. It also means the terrain is hilly so comfortable walking or hiking shoes are highly recommended.

Please do not harvest any plants at the site.

Entry fees apply to access the site, including equestrian trail riding and fishing. Please check in at the Visitor Centre prior to heading out on site.

Feeding wild animals, accidentally leaving food out, or not properly disposing of garbage, teaches animals that humans provide food. Once an animal has tasted human food, it may begin to seek it above all other sources of natural foods.

Feeding wildlife in a national park or a national historic site is illegal and you may be charged under the Canada National Parks Act. This includes feeding them directly by offering them food, or indirectly by leaving unattended food or garbage for them to find.

It is illegal to collect plants, mushrooms, berries, animals, animal parts (including antlers), fossils, driftwood, rocks, signs, or any other historic or natural object.

If something significant is found, leave the item in place and report findings to the nearest Parks Canada office. Please leave these natural items for others to enjoy.

On occasion cougar sightings have been reported in the Cypress Hills area. For more information on cougars please visit Note that the back country of Fort Walsh is home to cougars. Hike with caution.

Safety is your responsibility. There are always hazards associated with outdoor recreation. Minimize your risk by planning ahead. Check the weather forecast, be prepared for emergencies and changes in weather. Dress in layers, ensure you have proper hiking footwear, and bring extra food and water. Tell a reliable person where you are going, and when you will be back.

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