Get involved!

Fort Lennox National Historic Site

Help protect and preserve natural spaces as of your next visit! There are several ways to support conservation efforts at Fort Lennox National Historic Site.

Share your observations on iNaturalist

Did you know that you can contribute to Parks Canada's conservation work while enjoying a walk on Île aux Noix? By downloading the iNaturalist app (Android iPhone) on a phone with a camera, you can share your observations with a community of enthusiasts and experts. It's easy: when you come across a plant, insect or animal along your path, take a picture and then add it to the app while specifying some key information. An expert will be able to identify the frog you see leaping between the aquatic plants of the moat or the colourful flower growing along the trail. All your observations will contribute to our knowledge of the site’s biodiversity and will make it possible to implement actions to better protect the species.

Help the turtles

It’s possible that you will come across a turtle during your visit since they travel for various reasons during their active season, from May to October. They are certainly beautiful to see, but they become vulnerable when they have to cross roads. If you see a turtle, please report the sighting on the Carapace Project web platform. The data collected will be used to better protect turtle populations from the threats that surround them. In addition, the website gives the steps to follow to safely help a turtle that is at risk of being struck by vehicles.

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