Outdoor circuit

Coteau-du-Lac National Historic Site

Mid-June to Mid-September

Discover the history of the Pointe de Coteau-du-Lac and explore the archaeological remains, reminders of the passage of men for more than 7 000 years.

Fort of Coteau-du-Lac: Outdoor Circuit Plan
Fort of Coteau-du-Lac, around 1815
© Bernard Duchesne / Parks Canada
  1. Coteau-du-Lac: Its history!*
  2. Coteau-du-Lac: A site that dates back thousands of years
  3. Coteau-du-Lac: A Strategic Passage
  4. Coteau-du-Lac: Inevitable Transit Site!
  5. The Locks Canal of Coteau-du-Lac (1779-1780)
  6. A canal dug out of the rock by hand*
  7. Adapting the Canal to New Needs
  8. Coteau-du-Lac: A Supply Post
  9. Military presence on the Coteau-du-Lac Point
  10. Coteau-du-Lac: A Strategic Site!
  11. Military presence during the War

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