10 reasons to base your business at the Lachine Canal

Lachine Canal National Historic Site

Friday, February 25, 2022

Until March 31, 2022, Parks Canada invites organizations, businesses or individuals who wish to establish their business at the Lachine Canal to submit their application in order to enhance the programming of the canal starting during the summer 2023.

The Lachine Canal National Historic Site is a unique and wonderful place that welcomes millions of visitors each year. Here are 10 reasons to establish your business at the Lachine Canal.

1. A spot at the heart of history

Did you know that the Lachine Canal has been a national historic site since 1929? Managed by the Parks Canada Agency, the canal is part of a network of 5 waterways in Quebec. It is a place of culture, nature, history, and heritage that has played a key role in Canada’s industrial and economic development.

2. A window on the world

The green banks of the Lachine Canal contrast with the surrounding industrial landscape, giving it a unique charm! Recommended by leading travel guides, every year the national historic site attracts tourists from around the world. Recent years have seen an increase in visitors from other Canadian cities.

3. A dynamic area

From the South-West to Saint-Henri and Griffintown, the area around the Lachine Canal boasts cafés and restaurants that will please even the most refined palates. The area also includes several local restaurant and business associations that contribute greatly to its economic development.

4. Accessibility: a strength!

The Lachine Canal is strategically located and easily accessible by public transit. Thanks to several nearby bike rental services, you can enjoy year-round a multifunctional trail ranked as the third most beautiful urban trail in the world by Time magazine. Several footbridges make the site accessible to people with reduced mobility.

5. Events all year round

The Lachine Canal is a regular stage for events of all kinds. The varied programming of recent years has delighted music, art, and food lovers. Although the pandemic has led to changes in the programming, it has created a new interest for outdoor events offering a safer experience to the public.

6. A nautical tourism site in the heart of the metropolis

Every year, from May to October, thousands of boaters pass through the locks of the canal during boating season. Many of them moor their boats to enjoy a bike ride, a good meal or a night's sleep! Whether families, couples or groups of friends, admirers of Parks Canada's national historic canals are a diverse group.

7. An especially well-maintained area

The national historic site is maintained year-round by Parks Canada's Technical Services team. Both the waterways and the vegetation along the riverbanks are maintained in accordance with heritage and environmental standards. In addition, Parks Canada is proud to encourage citizen involvement by partnering with volunteer organizations on beautification initiatives.

8. A meeting place par excellence

The Lachine Canal is a must for Montrealers: whether it’s a walk, a run, a picnic, a birthday party, or a marriage proposal, everyone has enjoyed special moments here. As a National Historic Site, the canal is full of stories and memories from the past and present.

9. An attractive place to live

In response to growing demand, many real estate projects have been developed here in recent years. The area surrounding the canal is a popular location as it is integrated into its natural environment while offering a wide range of local businesses and services to residents.

10. Provides a healthy work environment

Numerous studies show that nature has beneficial effects on our physical and mental health. The health crisis and telecommuting have given new meaning to the pleasure of the outdoors and health walks are becoming increasingly popular. Bring your workplace to the Lachine Canal and give yourself a green environment in which to develop your business while enjoying the benefits of nature.

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