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The request for proposals is now closed. Thank you for your participation! We will contact the selected projects.

Parks Canada invites organizations, businesses or individuals who would like to enrich the offer of activities and experiences offered to visitors of the Lachine Canal National Historic Site to submit their application in order to enhance its programming as of summer 2023. The development of the offer is an integral part of Parks Canada's Visitor Experience Strategy and supports the vision set out in the Lachine Canal Management Plan (2018).


Atwater Pole - Site 1

Parks Canada is seeking innovative visitor experiences and services that will maximize the potential of the Lachine Canal National Historic Site located in the heart of the city of Montréal. In issuing this invitation, the Agency is seeking to mobilize the entrepreneurial ecosystem in order to inform as many entrepreneurs as possible of this opening in the service offering of this heritage site.

The objectives of this Request for Proposals are:

  • To provide an opportunity for the greatest number of people to submit proposals to implement and operate various types of concessions and services in order to provide visitors and Montrealers with a rich and quality experience;
  • Contribute to the distinctive and dynamic character of the Lachine Canal;
  • Continue the efforts already undertaken by the Agency to increase the attractiveness of the national historic site.

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The Request for Proposals process will open on January 31, 2022 and close on March 31, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

Different types of experiences are sought, including:

  • Equipment rental for free activities: bicycles, non-motorized watercraft (canoes, pedal boats, kayaks, dragon boats, paddle boards), equipment for winter activities (bicycles with oversized tires, or “fat bikes,” snowshoes, cross-country skis);
  • Dining and shopping: boat dining, light meals, fair trade, social commerce;
  • Organized programming and activities: motorboat rentals, guided river shuttles, other supervised activities.

A single company, organization or individual may submit a bid for more than one site available along the canal (see below) and for more than one product or service. Several organizations can also join together to submit a project. Fees related to the use of land, buildings and facilities shall apply.

Companies, organizations or individuals must be able to implement their proposals as early as the 2023 operating season and no later than May 19, 2023.

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Here are some parameters to consider in your project submission:


The Parks Canada sites currently accessible at the Lachine Canal are located at the Atwater Pole, the Monk's Station, and Place des Bassins.

 Station targeted by the request for proposals Station managed by Parks Canada

Map of areas targeted by the Request for Proposal
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Potential Market Segments

  • Visitors: 1.2 million visitors annually;
  • Boaters: 1.500 boats annually;
  • Residents: growing population, booming sector, urban population.

Term of the Lease Agreement:

The expected duration of this concession shall be 10 years. One (1) renewal period for a maximum of 10 years may be granted to the Licensee under certain conditions.

Rent and Gross revenue

  • An annual base rent of five thousand ($5000.00) for a shoreline occupation of 200 square meters or less and thirty dollars ($30.00) per additional occupied square meter or part of a square meter, and;
  • A minimum percentage of six percent (6%) of gross revenue, and;
  • Docking fees if applicable.
Compliance with current health regulations

Depending on the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, the promoter will have to put in place, if required, preventive measures against COVID-19, as required by the Government of Quebec, and ensure that they are respected:

  1. Comply, where applicable, with the basic health instructions to limit the spread of COVID-19 of the Government of Quebec in effect at the time the activity or service is provided;
  2. Depending on the nature of the activity or service, respect the measures in effect for certain specific sectors;
  3. The person in charge of each dealership shall provide a vaccination certificate for all their employees.

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Work Schedule

  • January 31, 2022: Launch of the Request for Proposals
  • March 31, 2022, 11:59 p.m.: deadline for submission of proposals
  • April-May 2022: analysis of proposals
  • May 2022: announcement of selected proposals to the promoters concerned
  • May 19, 2023: implementation of the new summer services and activities

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Selection Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated against the following mandatory requirements:

  • Proponent Information
  • Proponent’s commercial and operational experience
  • Financial Resources
  • Insurance

Proposals meeting all mandatory requirements will then be evaluated on the following rated requirements:

  • Experiences and Services Offers
  • Layout and Installation of the Facilities
  • Business Plan and Marketing
  • Parks Canada Priorities
  • Proposed Rental Amount

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How to submit a proposal

The request for proposals is now closed. Thank you for your participation! We will contact the selected projects.

To submit a project, download and consult the Request for Proposals and send us all the necessary documents. Proposals must be received by mail by the closing time and date.

Proposals must be clearly identified as follows:

  • Solicitation Number: Parks Canada-DP01-2022-CLAC
  • Proposals should be addressed to:

    Helene Grenier - REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS
    Project Manager
    Quebec Waterways Unit
    Parks Canada
    1899, De Périgny Boulevard
    Chambly (Quebec) J3L 4C3

Download the complete Request for Proposals in PDF format (6.3 Mo)

Download the addendum in PDF format (548 Ko)

Date: March 31, 2022 at 11 :59 p.m.(Eastern Time)

It is the responsibility of the proponents to ensure that their proposals are received at the address indicated before the closing date and time. Proposals received after the closing date and time indicated in this Request for proposals will not be considered and will be returned to the proponent unopened.

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On-site Visits

Optional site visits for interested proponents will be scheduled for the weeks of February 14 and 21, 2022.

Proponents who wish to participate in an on-site visit may contact:

Helene Grenier
Project Manager
Quebec Waterways Unit - Parks Canada
Telephone: 438-985-8044

Parks Canada anticipates that the successful proponent(s) will be selected within approximately four (4) to six (6) weeks of the proposal deadline. The evaluation committee will send a written notice of selection.

Proposals will be reviewed by the Parks Canada project team.

Good luck to all!

Helene Grenier
Project Manager, Quebec Waterways Field Unit - Parks Canada

Telephone: 438-985-8044

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