Sail on board the Petit Navire and enjoy a taste of romance and history

Lachine Canal National Historic Site

Welcome aboard the Petit Navire! This charming, electrically-powered vessel is silent, ecological and intimate. Let yourself be rocked by the tranquil waters of the Lachine Canal, enjoying the magnificent landscapes surrounding the waterway.

Slip back into 150 years of history and imagine the time of merchants who used the canal to bypass the fierce Lachine Rapids. The Petit Navire invites you to explore the richness of this historic site while experiencing the operation of passing through a lock.

This excursion offers splendid views of the city, its industrial districts and revitalization projects – cruise and stroll through this exceptional urban museum set amid a natural landscape.

For price information and reservations, visit the Petit Navire website: or by phone at 514-602-1000.

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