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Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site

Zach, Joël, Evan and Mark stand outside the Administration Building
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By Evan Currier, Zachary Frair, Joël Muto, and Mark Saari

During the summer of 2012, four talented, creative, and professional young men joined the Parks Canada family at the Sault Ste. Marie Canal. Each brought their own experiences and skill sets to the team, and together they helped make it another successful summer. These are their stories.

Parks Canada provides summer work experience to hundreds of students at national parks, historic sites and marine conservation areas across Canada. To learn more about summer jobs with Parks Canada follow the link.

Evan Currie - I have been fortunate to have worked at the Sault Canal for two summers. During my time here I have learned new things about the history of the canal and the city of Sault Ste. Marie. This job allows me to grow my knowledge and interact with the community. The staff here has taught me the importance of good work ethic and the importance of small tasks. The skills I have gained through my employment with Parks Canada will transfer to any future job. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here.

Zachary Frair - This was my first summer at the Sault Ste. Marie Canal and it was an extremely positive memorable experience. I am a graphic design student. Parks Canada hired me to work on digital media, assisting with various events at Fort St. Joseph and the Sault. I had the opportunity to work with amazing people and learned a great deal about the history of my home city and the surrounding area. There was always something new going on and never a shortage of tasks. I deeply appreciate the opportunity.

Looking sharp for a heritage tea
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Joël Muto - Working as a summer student for Parks Canada can only be described as an amazing experience. Throughout my two summers with Parks Canada I developed skills and knowledge essential in any workplace. Alongside friendly and courteous staff, I met and interacted with people of different nationalities and cultures, which really symbolizes the welcoming character of this country. One of the greatest experiences working for Parks Canada was having the opportunity to provide visitors with the history and culture of the canal. Thank you for this great experience!

Mark Saari - 2012 marked my third summer working for Parks Canada at the Sault Ste. Marie Canal. I primarily worked in the Visitor Centre, orienting visitors to the site, handling transactions in the Gift Shop, and provide overall administrative support. My position was also dynamic, allowing me to work on special projects, help colleagues with their assignments, or deliver heritage presentations. I worked with such positive, helpful, and hard working people, and was fortunate to be given many opportunities to use and expand my skills. These valuable experiences will certainly prove useful for my future career. Thank you for all the amazing summers!

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