Newboro Lock 36 Masonry Repairs

Rideau Canal National Historic Site

March 18th, 2019 - Community Update: Rehabilitation of Newboro Lock 36

As a part of historic investments on the Rideau Canal, Parks Canada  will rehabilitate a number of components at Newboro Lock 36 in the Township of Rideau Lakes. The masonry in and around the lock will be repaired and/or repointed as necessary. The hydraulic, electrical and control systems will be upgraded. Additionally, the steel lock gates will be removed, repaired as required and repainted. Painting and routine maintenance helps to extend the lifespan of lock gates by protecting against rusting, corrosion, and natural wear. 

The lock work will be conducted in a phased approach over two winters, beginning 2018/19 with expected completion by the opening of navigation on the Rideau Canal in 2020. 

About Newboro Lock 36

Newboro Lock 36 is located between Upper Rideau Lake and Newboro Lake, in the community of Newboro. The construction of the lock began in 1827, and construction challenges ranged from excavation difficulties in the rocky ground, to malaria filled swamps. The lock at Newboro was completed in 1831 and has seen much change over the years. Sandstone for the lock was originally sourced locally from the Elgin Quarry. The replacement and repair of masonry components today will take a conservation approach, only replacing that which is too deteriorated to repair, and matching the original as much as possible in material, form and detailing, while still achieving a strength of repair that is expected to last up to 50 years. 

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