Jones Falls Concrete Bridge Reconstruction

Rideau Canal National Historic Site

The rehabilitation of the Jones Falls Concrete Bridge is now complete.The project involved the demolition of the old bridge, which required the removal of portions of the concrete abutments, approach retaining walls, concrete deck and girders – the bridge support beams; and installation of a new bridge.

Using a 60 tonne crane, 15 ton slabs were dropped into their final resting place to create the concrete bridge’s superstructure. New concrete abutments and approach walls were placed behind the old ones and new parapets – protective curbs on the tops of the walls - were poured.  Protective guardrails were then installed to complete the project.

Constructed in 1932, the concrete bridge provides a connection between the arch dam and the locks, and a means of access for maintenance and repairs of the locks. This project has increased the load capacity of the bridge to allow easier site access for service vehicles and will allow for construction equipment to gain access to the locks for repair and maintenance.

Investments in visitor infrastructure – such as the Jones Falls Concrete Bridge – will ensure the quality and reliability of visitor facilities and continue to allow Canadians to connect with nature.

About Jones Falls:

Work on Jones Falls began in 1827 and was completed in 1832. Given the rugged terrain, the Jones Falls lockstation demonstrates the impressive feats of the canal builders. In order to address the one mile long rapids with a fall of 60 feet, Colonel By proposed the construction of an arch dam 60 feet high and 350 feet in length. Four locks were constructed at the site, each with a lift of 15 feet. The upper lock and the flight of three lower locks are separated by a turning basin.

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November 4, 2016
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