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Rideau Canal National Historic Site

Rideau Canal Concrete Rehabilitation | City of Ottawa

Parks Canada is repairing and replacing concrete walls in the downtown core of the nation’s capital between Ottawa Locks and Hartwells Locks to help protect and preserve this National Historic Site for future generations. This portion of the Rideau Canal serves as a navigable way for boaters from May to October and as a skateway for residents and visitors during the winter months.

Ottawa Lockstation Masonry Repairs | City of Ottawa

The project will stabilize historic masonry retaining walls at Ottawa Lockstation, specifically the East Retaining Wall at the Commissariat Building, and the large retaining wall on the East side of the locks. Work will include raking, pointing and grouting as required. Work will take place in the fall and winter seasons to reduce the impact on residents and visitors. The goal of this project is two-fold: the preservation of historic structures that make up the fabric of the City of Ottawa, and the remediation of potential safety issues with respect to the stability of these structures.

Hogs Back Dam and Fixed Bridge Rehabilitation | City of Ottawa

The Hogs Back Dam and Fixed Bridge marks the location where the route of the Rideau Canal leaves the natural path of the Rideau River and enters a manmade canal leading to Ottawa Locks. The Hogs Back Dam is the second highest on the Rideau Canal system, following the one located at Jones Falls. This rehabilitation project will entail the concrete rehabilitation of both structures. 

Canal Wall Rehabilitation Bronson to Hartwells West | City of Ottawa

This project will repair canal shoreline walls in Ottawa between Bronson Avenue and Hartwells Lockstation on the west side of the Rideau Canal navigation channel. Repairs will be made to the dry laid stone wall on the north side of Dows Lake, and the canal shoreline will be stabilized between Dows Lake and Hartwells Lockstation on the west side. This work will improve opportunities for visitors in this area by removing tripping hazards, and will improve the overall visual appeal and lifespan of this area of the canal. Work will be completed primarily in the fall and winter seasons.

Black Rapids Wharves Replacement | City of Ottawa

The wharves at Black Rapids are well used throughout the navigation season by boaters travelling along the Rideau Canal. The project involved the replacement of the deteriorated wharves to ensure the quality and reliability of visitor facilities.

Black Rapids Dam | City of Ottawa

The Black Rapids Dam is an overflow structure located in the nation’s capital on the Rideau River. This rehabilitation project will involve repairs to the concrete structure as well as improvements to the shoreline concrete wall adjoining the dam. This will ensure that the dam remains reliable, functional, meets current codes and standards, and that water management capabilities are optimized.

Black Rapids Lock 13 | City of Ottawa

Black Rapids Lock 13, located in the Nation’s Capital, is considered a cultural resource of national significance, meaning that it has a direct relationship with the reasons for the designation of the Rideau Canal as a national historic site. Timber lock gates were installed at the lockstation in 1969 when the lock was also mechanized. The intent of this project is to repair masonry and concrete in the lock chamber, to replace the lock gates which have been in place for 47 years of service and to upgrade the hydraulic operating system for this lock. This project was previously announced.

March 21, 2017 - Community Update: Lock Gates Replacement (PDF, 279 KB)
January 31, 2017 - Community Update: Lock Gates Replacement (PDF, 216 KB)
October 24, 2016
Community Update: Investigative Drilling begins October 24th (PDF, 335 KB)
September 23, 2016Letter to Residents (PDF, 49 KB)

Long Island Lock 14 Masonry Repairs | City of Ottawa

Long Island Lock 14 will undergo masonry repairs to ensure the continued safe passage of vessels along the canal. Work will include stone replacement, stone repair, repointing and grouting. This work will increase the longevity of this historic masonry.

Rehabilitation of Long Island Arch Dam | City of Ottawa

Long Island Arch Dam Vegetation will be removed to rehabilitate the dam and improve its water management capacity.

Rehabilitation of Manotick Dam | City of Ottawa

Manotick Dam will undergo a rehabilitation to improve its water management capacity. This project will ensure the reliability and functionality of the dam for years to come.

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