Rehabilitation of Edmonds Lock, Dam and Weir

Rideau Canal National Historic Site

May 16, 2019-  Community Update: Construction Complete

The final phase of repairs to Edmonds Lock, Dam, and Weir is now complete. Work focused on historic masonry repairs to the weir. Similar to the previous two phases, work involved heritage stone masonry repairs including repointing, conservation-minded stone replacement and grouting. 

Previous Phases of Work

Work on Edmonds Lock 25, Dam and Weir began in 2016. In Phase 1, contractors replaced the retaining wall and improved roadway access along the earth dam. Heritage stone masonry rehabilitation on the lock and overflow dam, as well as minor work to the weir was also completed. A modified safety boom was installed.

In Phase 2, work included heritage stone masonry repairs to Edmonds Lock 25 and Weir. Public safety enhancements, such as new fencing and updated signage were also installed.

About Edmonds Lock 25, Dam and Weir

Edmonds Lock, Dam and Weir were constructed in the late 1820s to early 1830s. The lock was created with a 2.64 metre (eight foot, eight inch) lift, built on a clay foundation and wooden floor. A stone arch overflow dam was built with a waste weir installed to reduce the chance of floods. In the early 1840s, a stone lockmaster's house was constructed at the site then replaced with a two-storey house in 1905.

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