Stewardship and management

Laurier House National Historic Site

On a main street in Ottawa’s historic Sandy Hill neighbourhood sits a stately, slate-roofed Victorian era mansion that invites you into the private lives of two iconic Canadian Prime Ministers who called it home - Sir Wilfrid Laurier and William Lyon Mackenzie King.

Laurier lived here from 1897 until his death in 1919. Two years later William Lyon Mackenzie King moved in and remained until 1948 when he bequeathed the residence to the government and people of Canada. Exploring Laurier House’s elegantly furnished rooms packed with their treasured possessions and mementos offers a fascinating glimpse into Canadian political history. Don’t miss the third storey, which King had renovated to create a library and offices. Here, among the thousands of personal items and works of art, is Mackenzie King’s famous crystal ball.

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