Culture and history

HMCS Haida National Historic Site

HMCS Haida is Canada’s “most fightingest ship,” the first-ever ceremonial flagship of the Royal Canadian Navy, and the last of the twenty-seven tribal class destroyers in the world. Canada’s most famous warship served in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1943 to 1963, participating in the Second World War, the Korean Conflict, and the Cold War. HMCS Haida is now a Parks Canada National Historic Site docked in Hamilton, Ontario. As a museum ship, she now serves as a place to remember, explore, and connect.

Indigenous culture

HMCS Haida was named after the Haida Nation on the west coast of Canada.

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Discover the history of HMCS Haida’s service in the Second World War, the Korean Conflict, the Cold War, and more.


HMCS Haida was a sophisticated warship equipped with the latest radar and sonar detection and communications technology, and thicker hull plates designed...

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