Education programs

HMCS Haida National Historic Site

Grade 4: Machines and Mechanisms

2 hours: 1 hour guided, 1 hour self-guided

Sailors used a variety of simple machines and mechanisms to carry out tasks aboard HMCS Haida – from hauling cargo to shooting the ship’s guns! Students will participate in a guided STEM challenge by designing and building a simple machine, then participate in an interactive collaborative game about naval mechanisms. Experience a STEM lesson unlike any of your students have ever seen!

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Grade 10: Canada’s Fightingest Ship

 2 hours: 1 hour guided, 1 hour self-guided

HMCS Haida became famous during the Second World War for sinking more enemy surface tonnage than any ship in Canadian naval history. Students will dive into this history by using primary and secondary sources to decode a story about Canadian Naval figures. Discover how HMCS Haida became Canada’s “fightingest ship”.

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Grades 6-12: LeaderShip in Action

2 hours: guided

Sailors aboard HMCS Haida worked together as a team under the leadership of the ship’s captain. Participants will practice their communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills while undertaking teambuilding challenges. Do you have the skills to be a sailor aboard HMCS Haida? 

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Basic Program

1.75 hours: 1.5 hours self-guided

This basic program includes a 15-minute introduction by Parks Canada staff about the history and significance of Canada’s “fightingest ship” followed by a self-guided experience aboard HMCS Haida. We recommend scheduling 1.5hrs for your self-guided tour to ensure sufficient time to explore the ship.

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How to book: 

Email to book an education program for your group.

School program rates apply to all school, youth, and cadet groups.

One complementary adult may attend per 10 youth participants.

Bookings must be made at least one week in advance. Note that submitting an inquiry does not imply a confirmation

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