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Pingo Canadian Landmark

Visitor Information

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Arctic Ocean Canoe & Qakak Rentals
  • Canoe and kayak rentals
  • 867 678 5421
    Arctic Ocean Tuk Tours & Tuk Taxi
  • Community tours
  • Cultural tours
  • Taxi service
  • 867 977 2406
    Arctic Tour Company
  • Community tours
  • Boat/land tours
  • Pingo tours
  • 867 977 2230
    Beaufort Sea Adventures
  • Hunting and camping trips
  • 867 977 2355
    Chuck Gruben’s Guiding & Outfitting
  • Boat/land tours
  • Hunting and camping trips
  • Customized cultural tours
  • 867 977 2360
    Cockney Big Game Hunting
  • Northern Light tours
  • Boat/land tours
  • Hunting and camping trips
  • Fishing trips
  • Community tours
  • Eco tours
  • 867 678 5368
    Noksana Mushing Tours
  • Dog sled and toboggan tours
  • 867 678 5588
    Ookpik Tours & Adventures Ltd /
    Pokiak Guiding & Outfitting
  • Boat/land tours
  • Guided big game hunting
  • 867 977 2170
    Steen Enterprises Ltd /Tuktoyaktuk Tours
  • Community tours
  • Boat/land tours
  • 867 977 2547


    The Pingo Canadian Landmark is most easily accessed by boat. Licensed outfitters in Tuktoyaktuk offer guided motorboat service to the landmark. You can also rent canoes in Tuktoyaktuk.

    The landmark is most easily
    accessed by boat.

    Travelling by motorboat from Tuktoyaktuk to the landmark takes approximately 20 minutes. Part of the route is exposed to the open waters of the Beaufort Sea, so rough conditions or fog may occur with little notice.

    It takes a little as 10 minutes to paddle to the landmark from the sheltered waters that mark its boundary. Be aware that rough conditions can occur even in these protected waters, as can daily fluctuations in water levels, depending on the tide and wind conditions.


    Hiking from the highway is not encouraged due to the sensitive nature of the terrain and the pingos themselves. Instead, access the pingos via boat and the boardwalk.  Hiking on an actual pingo (from the base upwards to the summit) is prohibited from April 15 to October 31.

    Hiker and pingo in autumn
    Accessing The Pingo Canadian Landmark by
    foot is possible but offers
    many challenges.

    Pingo Etiquette

    When the ice core of a pingo is exposed to the sun, it starts to melt and the pingo begins to collapse. Any activity that wears away the protective vegetation covering a pingo speeds up this process.

    To protect the sensitive habitat and fragile structure of the pingos, all-terrain vehicles or snowmobiles are not permitted on the pingos.

    For centuries, this area has been and continues to be used by Inuvialuit for hunting and harvesting. Please walk with care. It is important to:

    • avoid disturbing cultural sites in the landmark as they may not always be evident at first glance; and
    • be aware that Inuvialuit beneficiaries may be hunting and harvesting within the area. Please ensure that your activity does not disturb them.


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